The Transport and Service Company Garden Trans DOO - Kavadarci, was founded in 2002. Although, according to the years of existence, it is a relatively new company, it has been pulling its roots from the distant 1994.

Namely at that time there is an idea for starting own family business in the field of goods transportation. The first cargo vehicle from the Mercedes-Benz brand 19/22 with a load of 13.5 tons was purchased.

With great enthusiasm and a desire for success, the years of transporting all kinds of goods to the then-pirated spaces, as well as the neighboring countries, are arranged. How years pass with experience comes the need to renew and increase the fleet.

Thus in 2002 the current company Garden Trans DOO - Kavadarci was founded, owned by the brothers Ilija and Slobodanco Vasilevi, with the main activity - freight road transport. The first Scania vehicle with a Schmitz semi-trailer with a capacity of 24 tons with Euro 2 standards was purchased, which began the conquest of the European market for transport services.

The constant presence of the EU space brings new experiences and customers, but also requires the renewal and increase of the fleet. So now the Garden Trans is owned by vehicles from the Scania brand with Euro 6 standards and Schmitz semi-trailers with 13.60 meters capacity and 24.0 tons. All semi-trailers are tautliner with blinds on the side and up, with the possibility of loading any type of normal palletized and non-palletized goods. There are 9 licensed highly professional drivers with more annual driving experience in the EU.

Relationships that are most often carried on the transport of goods are:

  • Macedonia to all European countries and vice versa,
  • the whole EU to Macedonia, Albania and Kosovo.

Every week, at least one vehicle transports goods from the EU to Macedonia, Albania or Kosovo depending on the needs of the customers.

We carry out transport of complete loads and we also carry out aggregate transport of goods. Our motto is:

Professionally, accurately timely performed work - satisfied customer - long-standing existence.