We are specialized for the following types of transport:

  • complete and aggregate loads on the territory of the whole of Europe
  • transport of dangerous goods (ADR goods)
  • special transport
  • transport of a high value cargo
  • transport “right on time”


Additional transport criteria:

  • Unimpeachable transport and optimal delivery time
  • Insurance of goods according to Law regulations in cooperation with Insurance companies
  • Constant surveillance of transport
  • By client request, we arrange transport with two drivers “express transport”
  • Experienced and professional drivers, with knowledge of domestic and international legal provisions, as well as active use of one of the world’s languages.
  • For your consignment always has a specific contact partner
  • Constant exchange of information
  • Duty person after working hours
  • Offer of prices in the shortest possible time, with concrete calculations
  • Transparency, thanks to “All inclusive” prices
  • Professional quality control of vehicles


We exist for you, we know how

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