We Provide

Fast, Quick & Efficient Transport

We are specialized for the following types of transport:

  • complete and aggregate loads on the territory of the whole of Europe
  • transport of dangerous goods (ADR goods)
  • special transport
  • transport of a high value cargo
  • transport “right on time”


Additional transport criteria:

  • Unimpeachable transport and optimal delivery time
  • Insurance of goods according to Law regulations in cooperation with Insurance companies
  • Constant surveillance of transport
  • By client request, we arrange transport with two drivers “express transport”
  • Experienced and professional drivers, with knowledge of domestic and international legal provisions, as well as active use of one of the world’s languages.
  • For your consignment always has a specific contact partner
  • Constant exchange of information
  • Duty person after working hours
  • Offer of prices in the shortest possible time, with concrete calculations
  • Transparency, thanks to “All inclusive” prices
  • Professional quality control of vehicles

We Provide

Excellent Logistics Solutions

We Guarantee,

not only a professional approach to transport, but also assistance in organizing the transportation of your goods. For you, we organize and control the shipping of goods from the takeover of the order until the completion of the transport.
Contact person on our side is always at your disposal while the transport takes place. With the professional approach of our team, damage to goods during transport is reduced to a minimum.

We Believe,

that together we can solve all problems related to transport organization. The achieved level of high quality service is due to the constant perfect communication between you as our customer and partner from one and Garden Trans. on the other hand.

We Are Ready,

in the future, to face the competition, to enjoy the challenges and to solve them on a high-quality level.


„Trust and resources – must first be acquired“

We Provide

Reliable Driving Park

We know that only with new and in good condition vehicles we can respond to your needs for transporting your goods to the desired destination.Therefore, we constantly renew our fleet, and the existing vehicles are regularly held in authorized services, in order to quickly and accurately complete the agreed transport.

We currently have a total of 9 vehicles – Scania, with the highest Euro 6 environmental standards, as well as semi-trailers with an upgrade from the manufacturer Schmitz. All vehicles are equipped with a GPS tracking system, which enables accurate and precise tracking of them and planning and compliance with the agreed delivery deadlines.

„Fast and secure to the desired goal“